40s Glamour Portrait Headshot

40s Movie Starlet Glamour Shoot

Photographers — myself included — are in love with the 40s Hollywood glamour look. Wistful gazes, dramatic lighting and stark beauty of this style are impossible to resist. Working with our model Sadie and using the iconic Hedy Lamarr as our starting point, we  kept things simple yet dramatic. For the colour shots, we played with Sadie’s whimsical side and brought in her ukulele to mix things up. Lighting was mostly speedlites and snoots.

Hair and makeup was provided by the very talented Emma Dirks, who just so happens to specialize in this iconic Hollywood style.

Rebecca Burridge is a headshot and portrait photographer serving the greater Toronto area. For portraits or commissions or other creative endeavours, please drop me a line via my contact page.

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