Actor Headshot in Toronto

Brian | Author

Brian is an author, poet, and teacher. He hired me on for author portraits and headshots.

I received very high praise from Brian — a poet of several published collections and also a school teacher — after our shoot:

I’m very pleased with all of the images.  Of the photos that I’ve had taken over the years, the ones you have taken have been by far of the highest quality.  I appreciate the artfulness of your work and the care you take in using lighting, composition, and tone to create some striking images.  It is I think high praise of a portrait photographer to say that the photographs you took both look like me and look better than I thought I could look.

We also produced a series of fitness-related photos, as Brian takes great care of his body. I don’t really have a platform or proper section on my website to run these photos, though I may put aside some space to showcase them. Thanks, Brian!

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