Tips for a Great Business Headshot

What Should I Wear?

Short answer is business attire, or whatever you feel comfortable presenting yourself in professionally. Jackets are usually a good idea as business shirts alone are often too loose or even too reflective, taking the emphasis away from your face. Strong, solid colours are a good place to start, but the decision is yours. Ties should be solid or not overly busy.

Perhaps more important is that your clothing fits you properly. Clothes that are too loose, too tight, or too wrinkly can all have an impact on our shoot, so it helps to pay special attention.

What Clothing Should I Avoid?

Busy patterns, bright or nearly-white shirts or tops (too much black is also something to watch out for), or anything with a logo on it that might steal the viewer’s eyes away from your face. If you do have a bright shirt or top, tempering it with a darker jacket is always a good idea.

Sleeveless tops are risky, too, as a bright shoulder can steal the emphasis from your face and make it all about your arms. Have a jacket on standby.

Should I Bring Some Clothing Options?

Not mandatory, but another shirt, jacket, or tie option only opens up our choices.

What About Grooming?

For people on the male spectrum, think about your eyebrows and nose hairs, and how full your 5-o’clock shadow might be at the time of day of our shoot. If you’re planning a haircut beforehand, you might want to give yourself a few days to “grow into” your new do before you come in.

For people on the female spectrum, if you’re getting any special grooming like getting a facial or having your eyebrows done give yourself a few days before the shoot in case your skin is irritated by the procedure. Also, anything you can do to stop or temper fly-away hair will make your photographer a happier person.

And Makeup?

Business clients who opt for a makeup artist are in the minority, but both my male and female clients have chosen this option in the past. Shiny, uneven skin can always be a challenge when viewing your proofs and it might influence your choices on an otherwise quality shot. That said, I retouch the final images, but starting with good makeup is always appreciated. If you’d like me to book a makeup artist for you, just let me know and I can usually find someone with a few days notice.

If doing your own makeup, I care more about taming shiny skin and clean eyes, but in this case you, my client, are the expert.

Anything Else?

Everyone is different, and has different needs. Send me your questions and maybe I can add it to this list!

Rebecca Burridge is a headshot photographer serving the greater Toronto area. If you need business headshots, executive portraits or location business photography, contact us today.