Tips for a Great Actor Headshot Session

So you’re ready to book your session – how do you prepare?


Wear what looks good on you, what you feel comfortable in and makes you more confident. Simple is good. Casual is good. As one agent put it to me: “If you have blue eyes, wear blue!” In other words, we don’t need to overthink this.

Casual options include v-necks, simple tops, solids and colour options that range from neutrals to darker. If your top is too bright, it’ll probably overpower your face. Clothing should fit you well and be free from wrinkles.

Bring one dressy option. Do you have a cool jacket or something that makes you feel extra confident? Bring it. A blazer or suit jacket or something with a bit more of a professional edge? That will open up our options, too.

Avoid busy patterns, logos or clothing that is too fussy or complicated. We want to draw attention to your face, not away from it.


Hiring a makeup artist for our session is encouraged but not mandatory. An MUA will stay with us for the whole session and help guide our shoot with different looks and help maintain your appearance throughout.

The goal for most headshot makeup is a natural look. We want clean skin and open eyes. If your skin is shiny consider bringing some matting or anti-shine powder.

Makeup vs. Hair

If booking an MUA they will devote most of their attention to your face, but will come equipped to groom and manage your hair. If you need special attention in this department, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.


A lot of the above applies for kids, too. Clothing should be cute and simple and like with the grown-ups, no logos on the clothes. Hiring makeup is less common, but a little foundation or anti-shine powder can help kids with shiny skin. Make sure you come prepared with at least a hair brush and any kind of styling products your child might need. Hair baubles,  hair bands, etc. tend to be discouraged, but having stuff like fly-aways and messy hair under control is a must.

Anything else?

There’s always something else, but this will get us started. Just drop me a line with any other questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Rebecca Burridge is a headshot photographer serving the greater Toronto area. If you need great actor or performer headshots, contact us today.