John Wick

Wick | Creative Shoot

So I’m a fan of the John Wick movies. When I first saw the original film, it ticked all the right boxes, and delivered on the promise of its trailers. The action was fluid and gripping, the dialogue minimal, and it oozed an understated coolness that made its overall ridiculous premise easy to forgive. For me, though, it was just the overall aesthetics that sucked me in together with the lighting (the coloured gels harkened back to old Italian horror movies which I also love).

Working with the handsome clay that is Joseph, together with the FX makeup talents of Aurielle St-Cyr, we produced our own photo-montages that drew direct inspiration from the movie (I think there’s some Client Eastwood mixed in there, too). Mix a headshot with violence and this is what you get: a beat-up assassin that’s still very much on his game.

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